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We are experienced in all types of saddle repair,restoration and alteration including French saddles. Whenever possible we will use materials supplied by the manufacturer or an equivalent quality.

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Why us? Because I am an Authorized warranty and repair centre for Antares, Butet and Childeric saddles. This means I have access to original leather and parts direct from the factory.

If I do not have access to original parts and leather I will use an equivalent quality. I have also received in factory training from Prestige and Amerigo.


French Saddle Repair
& Warranty

Before you send your saddle anywhere check with the manufacturer. If your saddle is under warranty they may insist on it returning to the factory. If your saddle is not under warranty they may have a preferred repair centre. The relationship between the repair centre and the manufacturer is important, it is always best to use someone who has had the correct training and understands the manufacturers philosophy. .

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