How do I


What do I put my saddle in?

Select a sturdy saddle box from local tack store or office supply measuring approx. 24”x18”x15”

How do I pack it?

Place bubble wrap, saddle pad or thick towel over seat making sure pommel and cantle are covered and then put on saddle cover. These will be returned

Don’t forget to clean your saddle

Click here to download the packing label

Do I need to send my stirrups and leathers?

No.  These are not necessary.  Remove them before you send your saddle.

Do I have to pack the saddle a special way?

No.  Do not use foam peanuts or other packing material.  If you use the correct dimensions (24″x 18″x 15″) sturdy box you shouldn’t need to fill the entire box with packing material.  Click here to download the shipping label

Are there any forms I need to fill out? and where?

Yes, please fill out the repair form and send it with your saddle.

Ship to address provided with courier of choice or Postal service. For rural clients We recommend Post Office.


Click here to download the shipping label

Do I need insurance?

Insurance is not required but should be considered, some tack insurance covers your saddle in transit.

Return Label

Prepay and include return shipping label.  Click here to download the shipping label

Lastly, don't forget to send track info to us.

Once we recieve your saddle, we will contact you to review your repair and determine an ETA for completion..  Click here to download the shipping label



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