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All in Canadian Dollars

  • Dis/reassemble and basic inspection – $150
  • Tree replacement – $1000.00 approx.  Brands vary
  • New seat – $900
  • New skirts (in addition to new seat) – $400
  • New foam or wool panel $1000
  • New knee pads with foam – $600
  • Billets (long) – $40 each
  • Billets (short) – $35 each
  • Billet relocation (includes web if required) – $150
  • Thigh/knee/calf blocks – $150

All other repairs will be based on an hourly shop rate of $75.00 with an hour as a minimum charge.


How to ship a saddle ?
Sturdy saddle box from local tack store or office supply measuring approx. 24”x18”x15”

Clean your saddle, remove stirrups.

Place bubble wrap, saddle pad or thick towel over seat making sure pommel and cantle are covered and then put on saddle cover.  These will be returned

Place the saddle in box.  DO NOT USE foam peanuts.  If your saddle fits snuggly in a sturdy box you do not need to fill entire box with packing material.

Fill out repair form and include with saddle

Ship to address provided with courier of choice or Postal service.  For rural clients I recommend Post Office.  Insurance is not required but should be considered, some tack insurance covers your saddle in transit.

Prepay and include return shipping label.

Send track info to me

Once I have your saddle and have assessed it I will send a conformation email of work proposed with a final quote and approximate time frame for work to be completed.  Once authorization is given I order parts if needed and start work.

Once your saddle is completed and ready to ship an invoice will be sent via email.  Once payment is received the saddle will be released and tracking information provided.


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[/vcm_mental_contact_p][vcm_mental_contact_p type="phone-block" animate="fadeIn"]+1(519) 939-1556[/vcm_mental_contact_p][vcm_mental_contact_p type="email-block" animate="fadeIn"]mail@christianlowe.ca[/vcm_mental_contact_p][/vc_column_inner][/vc_row_inner][/vcm_mental_section]
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