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Christian Lowe Leather Cleaner
Christian Lowe Saddle Oil
1 Tack Sponge


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Tack Sponge
Honeycomb Form Tack Sponge from Hydra Sponges – has tremendous water-holding capacity, washes out clean, dries soft and pliable, and is uniform in size. Super absorbent, never hardens and has a polyester base for durability. Can be sterilized by boiling. Great for cleaning tack such as bridles and saddles.

Saddle Oil
A liquid form of the balm formulated especially for modern French saddles made from calf skin, but great on all leather products!

Leather Cleaner
Glycerin based soap with the addition of essential oils and tea tree for a deep clean with without leaving a residue. The tea tree offers an anti-microbial element to the soap to help prevent mold

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